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Planning Department directory

Department Phone
Main number (615) 862-7150
Customer Service Desk (call here with questions) (615) 862-7190
Bond Desk (615) 862-7202

Executive office

Name Department Phone
Rick Bernhardt FAICP, CNU-A Executive Director (615) 862-7173
Doug Sloan Deputy Director (615) 862-7167
Jennifer Carlat MPP, AICP Special Projects Director (615) 862-7210
Craig Owensby Public Information Officer (615) 862-7192
Kelly Adams Administrative Services Officer (615) 862-7171

Land Development

Land Development planners review subdivisions, rezonings, and other applications related to the zoning code, guide applicants through the development process, and write staff reports advising the Planning Commission. The Development Finance Officer processes performance bonds and letters of credit. The front counter accepts applications and answers zoning and subdivision questions.

Name Department Phone
Bob Leeman AICP Manager (615) 862-7183
Carrie Logan AICP Senior Planner (615) 862-7189
Brett Thomas AICP Planner 3 (615)862-7185
Jason Swaggart Planner 2 (615) 862-7217
Melissa Sajid AICP Planner 2 (615) 862-7153
Latisha Birkeland Planner 2 (615) 862-7161
Lisa Milligan AICP Planner 2 (615) 862-7203
Alex Deus Planner 1 (615) 862-7155
David Edwards Development Finance Officer (615) 862-7208
Michelle Hollingsworth Planning Technician III (615) 862-7197
Peggy Deaner Admin. Services Officer II (615) 862-7148

Community Plans and Design Studio

Community Plans and Design Studio planners work with residents, property owners, developers and other stakeholders to create appropriate development based on each community's needs and goals.

Name Department Phone
Kathryn Withers AICP Manager (615) 862-7193
Michael Briggs AICP Transportation Planner (615) 862-7219
Adams Carroll Active Mobility Planner (615) 862-7174
Tifinie Capehart Planner 2 (615) 862-7188
Greg Claxton AICP Planner 2 (615) 862-7162
Anita McCaig AICP Planner 3 (615) 862-7156
Cynthia Wood AICP Planner 3 (615) 862-7166
Brenda Diaz Planner 1 (615) 862-7184
Andrew Collins Planner 2 (615) 862-7207
Stephanie McCullough Planner 2 (615) 862-7163
Singeh Saliki Planner 1 (615) 862-7165
Justin Wallace Planner 1 (615) 862-7158

GIS and Mapping Services

Our MetroGIS division generates, organizes, and analyzes spatial data, creates maps, and provides information about our county’s physical structure for other Metro departments and the general public. GIS (an abbreviation of "Geographic Information Systems") is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data; here, GIS provides a better understanding of our county's physical attributes and supports more informed decisions about land use and development.

Name Department Phone
Jennifer Higgs Director (615) 880-3416
John Broome GIS Manager (615) 862-7216
Mary Beth Stephens GIS Analyst (615) 862-7214
Kyle Lampert GIS Analyst (615) 862-7179
Micah Taylor GIS Analyst (615) 862-7214
Sharon O'Conner GIS Technician (615) 880-2466
David Kline Cadastral Manager (615) 880-2465
Kevin Jackson Cadastral Analyst (615) 862-7181
Kevin McLemore Cadastral Analyst (615) 862-7178
Jason Rust Planning Technician (615) 862-7177

Budgeting and finance

Name Department Phone
Jeffrey Leach Finance Officer (615) 862-7159
Josie L. Bass Administrative and Librarian (615) 862-7154

Metropolitan Planning Organization/transportation planning

The Nashville Area MPO is the federally-designated transportation planning agency for over 2800 square miles and more than 1.5 million people throughout Davidson, Maury, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson counties. MPO website

Name Department Phone
Michael Skipper AICP Executive Director (615) 862-7186
Michelle Lacewell APR Deputy Director (615) 880-2452
Nicholas Lindeman Economic & Systems Data Analyst (615) 862-7198
Ana Emerson Senior Planner (615) 862-7157
Mary Connelly Senior Planner (615) 880-3239
Hary Prawiranata Senior Modeler (615) 862-7215
Rochelle Carpenter Senior Policy Analyst (615) 862-7172
Wesley Rhodes Policy Analyst (615) 862-7204
Sam Williams GIS Analyst (615) 862-7204
Leslie Meehan AICP Director of Healthy Communities (615) 862-7211
Peter Bang PhD Director of Technical Programs (615) 862-7182
Lou Edwards Administrative Assistant (615) 862-7204

AICP Certification

Fourteen of our planners, as noted in their individual listings, have earned what the American Planning Association calls "a high mark of distinction" in the planning profession - membership in the American Institute of Certified Planners.

AICP certification is awarded to planners who pass a rigorous examination covering the history and theory of planning, urban design, law, ethics, and quantitative methods. Executive Director Rick Bernhardt is a charter member and a charter Fellow of AICP.