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Planning Department

Planning Digest 2018

The "Planning Digest" is a selection of web links related to sustainable development, published every Tuesday by the Metro Planning Department. 2018 issues are linked below; previous years' Digests are in the menu to the left.

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Date Description
May 15 Are city drivers out to get cyclists?; "hostile architecture"; the real impact of big-box stores
May 8 Why buses are still important; the challenge of urban loneliness; the time it takes to get to work
May 2 Getting more riders onto the bus; grocery stores helping walkability; how not to be a cut-through
April 18 One more reason not to drive; it's ugly and it's gone, or about to be; parks on top of interstate highways
April 11 If the signs don't make sense, change them; valuing young peoples' contributions; the opposite of gentrification
March 27 "The urban bullseye for global warming"; the USA's loneliest highways; you can't walk to these parks
March 21 Building roads for people instead of cars; faster buses, safer walkers; this should be in Portland
March 14 Protected bike lanes; a "shared street" in Miami; widening highways doesn't reduce congestion
March 7 Doing a "walk audit"; small-town "tactical urbanism"; a brief history of setbacks
February 14 Changing what shopping centers should be; your phone can wait; making underpasses into parks
February 7 Making cities safe and comfortable for children; reclaiming vacant lots; more than just "complete streets"
January 31 The future of the urban street; only half of a car city; walking around construction
January 24 Where people are welcome and cars are not; outside perspective on our transit plan; downtown Dollar Generals
January 10 A "leafy neckdown"; why your new company needs an old building; a new, transit-oriented downtown
January 2 Reasons to stay closer to home; another city that gets it; reaching "peak millennial"