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Major and Collector Street Plan Amendment Public Hearing

The Metropolitan Planning Commission will hold a public hearing during the regular Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 4:00 PM in the Sonny West Conference Center at Metro's Howard Office Building, 700 Second Avenue South..

The purpose of the public hearing is to provide interested persons the opportunity to express their views about the requested amendment. The proposed amendment would change the right-of-way width in the Major and Collector Street Plan from 102 feet to 87 feet impacting the ability for a proposed development to provide a wider grass strip and wider sidewalk.

Major and Collector Street Plan Amendment Proposed Changes

Components of Access Nashville 2040photo of traffic circle and cars

Access Nashville 2040, a comprehensive, countywide transportation plan, is made up of several component plans which guide transit, street, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure investments.

Major & Collector Street Plan

Staff contact: Michael Briggs, AICP, Transportation Planner (615) 862-7219

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

Staff contact: Metro Public Works, (615) 862-8750

Parks & Greenways Master Plan

Staff contact: Tim Netsch, (615) 862-8400

Mass Transit Plan

The strategic transit master plan is currently (fall 2015) being updated. The new plan, nMotion2015, will be completed in 2016.

Staff Contact: Felix Castrodad, Interim Director of Planning and Grants, Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (615)862-5950