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Police Department

Identification Section

Lieutenant Chris Blackwell

Lieutenant Chris Blackwell

The Identification Section consists of the Ten Print and Latent Print Units, and is staffed by civilian fingerprint specialists. The Department's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is housed in the ID Section, and is utilized by employees to search and identify fingerprint submissions and latent prints from crime scenes.


Ten Print Unit

615-862-7421 (after hours 615-862-7439)

The primary responsibility of the Ten Print Unit is to identify by fingerprints all persons arrested by the Department. Fingerprint submissions are received electronically from three booking locations, and the digital images are searched against a database of 500,000+ prints. Following search results, a fingerprint specialist makes the final determination of identity. Additional duties of this Unit include providing fingerprinting for the public, maintaining criminal history files of persons arrested, and assisting the public with requests for crime scene photographs.

ID Section

Latent Print Unit


The Latent Print Unit is responsible for identifying latent prints from crime scenes and providing expert testimony in court regarding print comparisons. Examiners analyze latent print evidence to determine the evidentiary value and source. Suitable prints are searched in the AFIS database to determine potential candidates for comparison. The Latent Unit receives evidence from MPD officers and surrounding police agencies. In addition to identifying latent prints, the Unit performs fingerprint comparisons to positively identify deceased persons, to resolve issues of identity theft, and to assist various Federal agencies such as Immigration, the FBI and DEA.