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Field Operations Bureau Officers of the Year for 2015

  • Patrol Officer of the Year - Officer Jonathan Frith (Midtown Hills Precinct)
  • Police Officer of the Year - Officer Matthew Cammarn (East Precinct)
  • Investigator of the Year - Detective Lindsay Smith (North Precinct)
  • Special Operations Officer of the Year - Officer Josh Black (SRT)

2016 Monthly Awards


  • Police Officer - Officer Paul Nies (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer James Curtis and Officer Michael Dance (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Charles Eaton (West Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Jon McVey and Officer Michael Baujan (Aviation)


  • Police Officer - Officer Joshua Hausman (Central Precinct) and Officer Justin Fox (Midtown Hills Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Matthew Cammarn (East Precinct)
  •  Investigator - Detective Brent  Fisher (Central Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Thomas Smith (Canine)


  • Police Officer - Officers John Patton and Natalie Robinson (South Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Robert Buckman (West Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Markus Miracle (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Detective Jason Moyer (SRT)


  • Police Officer - Officers Rob Morris and Shane McCormick (West Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Phil Vincion (Central Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detectives Barry Demonbreun and Robert Young (East Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Jonathan Frost (SRT)


  • Police Officer - Officer Kyle Sanderson (North Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Rachel Sacco (East Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Nicholas Kulp (North Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Jon McVey (Aviation)

Field Operations Bureau

Deputy Chief Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson


Deputy Chief Field Operations Bureau

Glenda Taylor
Donya King

Precinct Commanders

Preston Brandimore Sebastian Gourdin, Madison Precinct Terrence Graves, North Precinct David Imhof, East Precinct Marlene Pardue, West Precinct John Drake Paul Trickey, South Precinct Kay Lokey, Midtown Hills Precinct

Division Captains

David B. Corman Captain Dhana Jones Captain Chris Taylor Captain Walburn

Contact Information

Field Operations
Metro Nashville Police Department
200 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37201

Phone: (615) 862-7721
FAX: (615) 880-3084

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