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Police Department

Field Operations Bureau Officers of the Year for 2013

  • Patrol Officer of the Year - Officers Todd Watson and David Willover (South Precinct)
  • Police Officer of the Year - Officers Joel Rogers and Stephen Weir (North Precinct)
  • Investigator of the Year - Detectives Corey Wall and Joseph High (South Precinct)
  • Special Operations Officer of the Year - Officers Michael Pollard and Gerry Gann (HDU)

2014 Monthly Awards


  • Police Officer - Officers William Chambers & Ryan Potts (Midtown Hills Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Zachary White & Greg Lyons (East Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective David Bruce (South Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Spencer Harris (Canine)


  • Police Officer - Officer Wesley McClelland (East Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Evan Hibschman and Angelo Iezzi (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Andrew Davis (North Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officers Robert Allen, Marcel Chalou, Joshua Black, and Matt Grindstaff (SRT)


  • Police Officer - Officer Gary Shannon (North Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Sarah Hartman, Paul Cairns, Gerald Bixenman, Caleb Foster (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detectives Michael Hotz and Waylon Proffitt (North Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer John Melia (Traffic / DUI Enforcement)


  • Police Officer - Officers Christopher Stevick & Woodston Maddox (North Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Joseph Cadden & Marc Haugen (West Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Paul Harris (East Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Donald Kahn (Tactical/Aviation)


  • Police Officer - Officer Michael Vaughn (North Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Jonathan Carlisle (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Adam Weeks (East Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer Robert Collins (Tactical)


  • Police Officer - Officer Jaime Rice (East Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Paul Cairns (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Christopher Alsup (East Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Joshua Black (SRT)


  • Police Officer - Officer Anthony S. Venable (West Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officer Jared S. Ester (Hermitage Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Curtis R. Hafley (East Investigation)
  • Special Operations - Officer John M. Downs (SRT)


  • Police Officer - Officers John Jayne and Nathan Carroll (Madison Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Gilbert Mana, Brian Agoston, James Jarvis, Nicholas Carter (North Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Russell Thompson (Madison Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officer John David Young (Canine)


  • Police Officer - Officers John Tuberville and Conrad Straub (East Precinct)
  • Patrol Officer - Officers Shawn Rosson and Terry Denton (East Precinct)
  • Investigator - Detective Alfredo Arevalo (North Precinct)
  • Special Operations - Officers Marcel Chalou and Josh Black (SWAT/SRT)

Field Operations Bureau

Deputy Chief Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson


Deputy Chief Field Operations Bureau

Glenda Taylor
Donya King

Precinct Commanders

Michele Donegan, Hermitage Precinct Sebastian Gourdin, Madison Precinct Terrence Graves, North Precinct David Imhof, East Precinct Marlene Pardue, West Precinct Jason Reinbold, Central Precinct Paul Trickey, South Precinct Kay Lokey, Midtown Hills Precinct

Division Captains

Captain Dhana Jones Captain Chris Taylor Captain Walburn

Contact Information

Field Operations
Metro Nashville Police Department
200 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37201

Phone: (615) 862-7721
FAX: (615) 880-3084

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