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Police Department

Contract Security Company (CSC)

When using the services of a CSC, an organization contracts with the CSC to provide employees. The CSC locates off duty officers wishing to work as security guards (many maintain a roster of off duty officers they use), schedules the employee, pays the employee, and, because the off duty officers are employees of the CSC (and not the organization), accept the increased liability. Acting as a "middle-man", the CSC handles the administrative responsibilities. For example, if a security employee fails to report to work at your job site, the CSC would have the responsibility of finding someone to fill the vacancy (if that responsibility is set out in the contract between your organization and the CSC). This is in contrast to operating as a Proprietary Security Organization (PSO), where the organization or business is responsible for finding and scheduling employees to work. Organizations can typically expect to pay between $30.00 and $35.00 per hour for the services of a CSC (This is an estimate - price will likely vary according to the specific job). If an organization chooses to employ off duty officers through a CSC, they most likely would sign a contract stating the specific duties and responsibilities of the off duty officers. The organization should specify their desire to employ off-duty METRO police officers, and not private security guards because many CSC employ both. If an organization is interested in hiring off duty officers through the services of a CSC, this office can provide a list of CSC's known to employ off-duty Metro police officers. One would be advised to look in the Yellow Pages for a complete listing of local CSC's.

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