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Police Department

Special Operations Division

Dhana Jones

Captain Dhana Jones
Special Operations Division
1417 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37217

Flood Officer badge

Captain Dhana K. Jones is a proud member of MNPD session 25. Before joining the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, she served in the United States Air Force. Dhana spent the early part of her career as a patrol officer and training officer within the downtown Nashville area. When the opportunity arose to investigate crimes involving domestic violence, Dhana took on this cause to assist victims of domestic violence and intimate partner violence. In addition to conducting investigations, Dhana served her community as a front line supervisor in Hermitage and Central Precinct. Before her present assignment at Special Operations Division, Dhana was the captain of the Domestic Violence Division.  

The Special Operations Division duty remains working with communities developing problem-solving procedures; therefore, challenging the direct causes of crime through joint problem-solving. The Special Operations Division is engaged in fair and impartial policing to reduce crime and improve the quality of life of all Nashvillians. The division encourages building community capital through establishing trust through valuing confidence and diversity.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Special Operations Division is tasked with assisting all departmental components with police specialized traffic, tactical, and planning services. The division is composed of five sections: