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Police Department

Emergency Contingency Section

CBRNE Symbol

Lt. Stephen Lewis
Special Operations Division
Emergency Contingency Section
200 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

The purpose of the Emergency Contingency Section is to complement the department’s total service program by providing hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction mitigation equipment, management, training, operations, and disposal.

The primary objective of the Emergency Contingency Section is to provide homeland security, terrorism awareness, weapons of mass destruction and hazardous materials education, equipment management, contingency plan development, and hazardous devices disposal operations. This is to support the mission of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department which is to provide community-based police products to the public so they can experience a safe and peaceful Nashville.

The Emergency Contingency Section is part of the Special Operations Division and consists of two primary units and an on-call Urban Search and Rescue Team.