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Police Department

Emergency Contingency Unit

The Emergency Contingency Unit (ECU) is responsible for conducting vulnerability and threat assessments for facilities and events within Davidson County. At the conclusion of the assessment, the facility/event management is presented with proposals which identify areas of concern and recommended solutions. This process will assist in reducing vulnerability of the facility/event from terrorist attacks.

The ECU is staffed by officers certified in hazardous materials response and are specially trained in standards related to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive). ECU personnel serve as liaisons to Federal, State, and local Homeland Security agencies with their initiatives, such as hazardous materials education, biological and chemical equipment management, and contingency plan development for extreme hazards. This unit is also responsible for departmental training and establishing response and management protocols for critical incidents. This includes tests and evaluations of all response related equipment. Additional responsibilities include the purchase, issue, maintenance, and management of all personal protective equipment that is utilized by the department, along with waterborne operations in support of homeland security and other initiatives.

ECU staff Waterborne operations

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