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Police Department

Hazardous Devices Unit

Hazardous Devices Unit patch The Hazardous Devices Unit is a nationally accredited unit staffed by federally certified Bomb Technicians and Explosive Detector Canines. HDU personnel provide support in the areas of explosive searches; render safe operations, development of evacuation plans, development of search plans, and the training of law enforcement officers in improvised explosive recognition and response. This is done in support of homeland security efforts. HDU also investigates incidents involving commercial and improvised explosives, bomb threats, and suspicious items.

HDU personnel serve as liaison to Federal, State, and local Homeland Security agencies with initiatives such as hazardous materials education, biological and chemical equipment management, and contingency plan development for extreme hazards.

Photos of Hazardous Devices, Bombs, and Explosive Ordnance Emergencies

Hazardous Devices Unit personnel Hazardous Devices Unit personnel Hazardous Devices Unit personnel