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Police Department

Urban Search and Rescue Team

The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team is comprised of officers from throughout the department who have received specialized training including confined space rescue, structural collapse, shoring techniques, and other FEMA requirements for certified rescue specialists. They are part of the Metropolitan Nashville team of specialists from the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the Metropolitan Fire Department, the Metropolitan Department of Public Works, and others that form Tennessee Task Force 2.

Specialists from several Metro departments utilize their expertise and specialized equipment in response to structural collapses. High tech fiber-optic cameras, listening devices, and trained search dogs assist in locating trapped persons. Engineers are utilized to devise plans to access trapped persons. Concrete cutting tools, heavy equipment, and rigging are then used to stabilize the structure and remove rubble enabling the victim’s rescue.

What the task force can do:

Urban Search and Rescue Team personnel Urban Search and Rescue Team personnel Urban Search and Rescue Team personnel

  • Conduct physical search and rescue in collapsed buildings
  • Emergency medical care to trapped victims
  • Search-and-rescue dogs
  • Assessment and control of gas, electric service and hazardous materials
  • Evaluation and stabilization of damaged structures