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Police Department

Homicide Unit and Cold Case Investigations

Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit is a part of the Criminal Investigation Division which, in turn, is a portion of the Investigative Services Bureau. The Homicide Section is a unit made up of experienced detectives who investigate unsolved homicides that occurred one or more years ago. The Homicide Section also investigates police related shootings, and other unusual case as determined by the departments chain of command.

If you have information about a homicide, or would like information about the Homicide Section, you can contact us by calling either of the numbers below during normal business hours.

  • Homicide Section - (615) 862-7329

Cold Case Investigations

The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department considers any unsolved homicide that is 1 year or older to be a cold case. These cases are reviewed by detectives to determine if new technology or new evidence exists that may help to resolve the case. Cases are reviewed any time additional information becomes available.

If you have information on a cold case, you may email this information to the Homicide Section.

You can also call the Nashville Police Department's Crime Stoppers Division anonymously at (615) 74-CRIME [(615) 742-7463].

Adult Missing Person

The Homicide Cold Case Unit also investigates all ADULT Missing Person cases that originate from within Davidson County.  Keeping the inherent rights of an adult in mind, a missing person report should be made to the police department when a person is missing under the following criteria types: 

  1. Juvenile:  Per NCIC guidelines, a person is still classified as a juvenile between the ages of 18 – 20.
  2. Endangered:  A person who is missing under circumstances that indicate that their physical safety is in danger.
  3. Disabled:  A person who is missing and under a proven physical / mental disability.
  4. Involuntary:  A person who is missing and presumed to have been the victim of an abduction or kidnapping.
  5. Catastrophe:  A person who is missing as a result of a natural disaster or catastrophe.
  6. Other:  A person who is missing under circumstances that there is a reasonable concern for their safety.