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Gulch-SoBro Pedestrian Bridge

Parks and Greenways project map (link goes to larger PDF version of map)

The Gulch-SoBro Pedestrian Bridge project originated from a recommendation in the South of Broadway (SoBro) Master plan.

The SoBro Master plan formed a vision for the neighborhoods south of Broadway to lead the region in urban life by providing working, living, shopping, recreational, and entertainment opportunities in an attractive, inviting, and compact setting.

The plan called for a series of strategic initiatives and put forth recommendations that would seek to enhance the pedestrian experience downtown as part of revitalization efforts. Recommendations include creation of new parks, open space and trails, continuing complete street initiatives, and connecting the SoBro neighborhood to the Gulch.

SoBro Master Plan findings were that few east/west and north/south bike and pedestrian connections exist, especially between the Gulch and SoBro. The recommendation was made for a better connection to be made from the SoBro area to the Gulch through a pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

The Gulch-SoBro Pedestrian Bridge project is in the design and planning stage to address that recommendation. The project is a 600-700 foot long bridge with the primary span over the CSX Railroad in the 300-400 foot range.

The goal for the bridge is to both deliver neighborhood connectivity and be an experience in itself with landscaping and beautiful views of the skyline to northeast and rolling hills to southwest. Benefits include:

  • Improving walking and biking safety, convenience and connectivity
    • People are dissuaded from walking or bicycling when the route is long and out of the way. Existing routes between the Gulch and SoBro require backtracking and add a mile to a roundtrip walk or bike.
    • The existing routes have heavy and fast vehicular traffic, which further discourage walking and biking.
    • The addition of this bridge makes walking and biking both more convenient and more enjoyable, improving everyone's transportation options downtown.
  • Design that's both aesthetic and pragmatic
  • The focus on good design and landscaping will ensure the best return on the investment while also creating an icon for Nashville. This design focus will make the bridge itself a destination for locals and tourists.

Public Meeting

More than 100 attended an evening public meeting held at the Music City Center on November 13, 2013 to discuss the Gulch-SoBro Pedestrian Bridge. Metro Public Works and project team representatives presented information on the project and answered questions.

Persons with a disability, who require aids or services to participate at the meeting, may contact Rick Kirkpatrick ADA Compliance Coordinator via phone (615) 862-8635, TTY (615) 862-6747 or in writing at: Department of Public Works, 720 South Fifth Street, Nashville, TN 37210.

Project Team: Led by Metro Public Works Engineering Division, project team members include Parsons Brinckerhoff and Bell and Associates Construction. For additional information about the project, contact Jonathan Cleghon, Metro Public Works Project Engineer at 615-862-8595 or