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Lower Broadway Pilot Pedestrian Improvements Project (1st - 5th Avenues)

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Project Description

Lower Boradway Improvements Project Pedestrians on SidwalkMetro Public Works is working in partnership with Metro Nashville Police Department, Downtown Partnership, and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau on the details for a pilot program on Lower Broadway to maximize the safety and experience of all users.

This includes expanding the very busy pedestrian area while at the same time, ensuring adequate loading zone space and parking, and reviewing best options to move vehicular and bicyclist traffic through the area.

Lower Broadway currently has high pedestrian volume and low pedestrian space. 15,000 vehicles per day average this section of Nashville's downtown. The pilot will begin in mid-August and will include:

  • Placing portable inter-linking fencing/railing units to designate edge of an expanded pedestrian area from 1st to 5th Avenues. This will add approximately 6' of additional walking area and will be in the location of existing on-street parking.
  • Creating dedicated 24 hour loading zone for all modes of loading (deliveries, musicians, etc). Also, add a loading zone on the east side of 1st Avenue S. near Broadway.
  • Investigate moving carriage stands off of Broadway and onto the side streets.
  • Establish Taxi stand on 4th Ave S (northbound and southbound)
  • Prohibit left turns onto Broadway from Northbound 4th Avenue.
  • Continue “all red” and “all green” crossing phases.
  • Closing the parking lane on the five block stretch and putting up temporary fencing, a protected walking area, for pedestrians.

The pilot program begins mid-August, and will be under an evaluation period for approximately three months. During this time, the following evaluation will take place to determine best options for the future.

  • Monitor Conditions
  • Receive Public Input & Evaluate
  • Collect Additional Data during Pilot Study
  • Evaluate Long-term Treatments

Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions on Broadway during the pilot period.

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