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Tree Planting Projects

Village ’Green–ing’ Day with Hillsboro Merchants

(November 19, 2012) — Hillsboro Village Merchants have adopted sixteen tree planting beds along 21st Avenue in the historic Hillsboro Village as a community enhancement project with Metro Beautification, Metro Public Works and Metro Parks. The merchants’ involvement included a planting day on November 19 and a two–year commitment to water the plants and keep the weeds and trash out of the beds. Each merchant chose from a pallet of perennials which will add not only evergreen plants for year–round effect but flowering plants for seasonal highlights. The project adds a finishing touch to the Metro Public Works sidewalk renovation project completed in Fall 2012.

Hillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening ProjectHillsboro Village Greening Project

Metro Honors Whites Creek Students, Nobel Prize Laureate with Tree Planting

MBEC Director Veronica Frazier and Metro Councilman Walter Hunt present a plaque to Whites Creek High School Principal Karl Lang. The Metro Beautification and Environment Commission (MBEC) recently honored student members of the Whites Creek High School Academy of Public Service Program for their efforts to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.

American Bald cypress tree MBEC and the school planted an American Bald cypress tree in honor of Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who initiated a nationwide program to plant trees in her native Kenya.

Under the direction of Dr. Cliff Cockerham, students from the school’s Alternative Energy & Sustainability Studies Program are actively engaged in several environmental research projects, including the use of algae as an alternative feedstock forcellulosic ethanol fuel, development of a robot to study the impact of invasive plant species, global warming and bike transportation issues. They have also been awarded numerous honors from the Sierra Club of Middle Tennessee for their science and environmental research.

Whites Creek Group Photo Award Presentation

Last month, Whites Creek students and other members of Sierra SCENE (Student Coalition Empowering Nashville Environmentalists) participated in a sustainability fair that also featured the Nashville screening of a documentary film honoring Wangari Maathai’s legacy. MBEC gave away Baldcypress tree seedlings at the screening and announced plans to plant a tree in Nashville to honor Maathai.

Cherry Tree Planting

Cherry Tree PlantingJapanese Consul-General Hiroshi Sato and MTAC member Randall Lantz plant a cherry tree to launch the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival.

Releafing Day 2009

Tree DemoThe eighth annual Releafing Day will be held on Saturday, November 21, starting at 8:30 a.m. The plan is to plant over 100 powerline-approved trees in the Inglewood neighborhood. Homeowners and volunteers will work with The Nashville Tree Foundation, Nashville Electric Service, Metro Tree Advisory Committee, Metro Parks, and Metro Beautification and Environment Commission to help beautify Inglewood. Homeowners and volunteers will meet at the Riverwood Church of Christ located at 1904 McGavock Pike to get started. If you would like to join in and help Beautify Nashville, or for more information, please visit or call (615) 292-5175.

MTAC members Randall Lantz and Dick Page conduct a demonstration planting in preparation for Releafing Day 2009, the Nashville Tree Foundation's annual Planting.

Dwight Watering a Tree
MTAC member Dwight Beard waters a
newly planted tree on Releafing Day.

Releafing Day 2008

Mayor and others planting a treeThe seventh annual ReLeafing Day was held November 22. Volunteers planted 30 powerline-approved trees in Inglewood, an urban neighborhood in East Nashville. Mayor Karl Dean assisted in planting a redbud sapling tree.
Photos from the Releaf Event

Volunteers and homeowners planted the homeowner's choice of four species -- forest pansy redbud, stellar pink dogwood, yoshino cherry, and Greenleaf American holly. Again this year NES will provide Microhorrizae to help the trees get established and grow, and Terra-serb, an organic starch product that absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water and releases it slowly. Both go in the planting hole and should help trees live and thrive even in drought conditions. Members of Tree Advisory Committee assisted and supervised the volunteer planters in the proper planting of trees.

Releafing Day is a joint project of Nashville Tree Foundation, Metro Tree Advisory Committee, Metro Parks, Metro Beautification and Environment Commission, and Nashville Electric Service. The project's goal is to demonstrate the best trees to plant under powerlines that will need little or any pruning during their lifetime. Metro Tree Advisory Committee developed a list of 19 species with an average maximum height of 20 feet at maturity that are considered powerline-approved.

ReLeafing Day evolved in 2002 from the highly successful, award-winning ReLeaf Nashville project that planted 6,757 trees 1998-2001 to replace some of the 20,000 destroyed by tornadoes April 16, 1998. ReLeafing Day is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year.

Nashville Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 1986 to preserve and enhance Nashville's urban forest by educating the public, planting trees in urban areas, identifying the oldest and largest trees in Davidson County, and designating arboretums. Since its founding, the Tree Foundation has added more than 7,895 two-caliper trees to the urban landscape.

ReLeafing Day 2006

MTAC member Stephan Kivett digs a hole in GermantownNearly 100 volunteers planted more than 70 trees in Sylvan Heights and Germantown November 18 at Nashville Tree Foundation's fifth annual ReLeafing Day.MTAC member Stephan Kivett digs a hole in Germantown

Cleanup Project - Tom Joy Head Start

In November, Dwight Beard, Tree Committee member, Hands on Nashville volunteers, Tom Joy Headstart staff, and Beautification staff cleared weeds and debris and planted pansies and shrubs at Tom Joy Head Start.

Dwight Beard, Tree Advisory Committee member, coaches volunteers in landscaping techniques
Dwight Beard, Tree Advisory Committee member, coaches volunteers in landscaping techniques

Tom Joy Headstart Cleanup Tom Joy Headstart Cleanup Tom Joy Headstart Cleanup