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Public Works

Education Program Offerings

Metro Public Works and Metro Beautification and Environment Commission is privileged to provide teachers, principals and other educators with an array of ideas and resource materials for anti-litter, recycling, beautification and environmental programs. Click on the programs below to download and print information about our offerings and corresponding MNPS academic standards. Each program is accompanied by a registration form.

Education Program Descriptions

Online Program Registration Form

  • K - 2nd Grade
    • Enviromutt Puppet Litter Prevention Show
    • Curby’s Recycling Reading Program
    • Trees Are Terrific
  • 3rd and 4th Grade
    • Curby’s Waste in Place Roadshow
  • All Grades

Science Projects: Composting

Davidson County schools may request an outdoor compost bin.


Recycle logoAll private and public schools and grades participate, except where noted.

Beautification Projects

All private and public schools and grades may participate, except where noted.

EnviroMuttAs a part of the national Keep America Beautiful System, MBEC is committed to a behavioral approach to changing attitudes and practices related to proper litter placement, reducing waste and recycling appropriate materials. These concepts have to start with our youth, and our Education Committee strives to make the programs fun and easy, as well as informative and meaningful. For more information, call us at 615-880-2419 or email.