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Public Works

Road Closings and Detours

The Nashville and Davidson County Closures & Detours page provides you with information regarding road construction that may affect traffic. The below information does not reflect unplanned closures or restrictions due to traffic collisions or other emergencies. We hope the information contained here will meet your immediate needs. If you have any questions, please call (615) 880-2439.


Paving Project to Begin July 21 on Woodmont Boulevard

Metro Public Works will begin the preparation, milling and paving of Woodmont Boulevard from Valley Brook Road to Harding Pike Monday, July 21. The milling work, the nosiest part of the paving process, will be completed in the daytime and mostly on Saturday and Sunday mornings, July 26 and 27. Remaining milling work on Monday, July 28 will not begin until after peak morning traffic has ended Monday morning. Paving work will be done at night and the process is predicted to be much quicker with less traffic. Public Works Paving and Right-Of-Way Manager, Don Reid has been in discussion with many of the residents in the area to ensure the least disruption to the neighborhood as possible.

The Woodmont Boulevard paving project is more involved than other paving projects because the road is older and was originally constructed of concrete. Concrete roads are expensive to maintain, and when the road breaks, as opposed to a patch, the whole concrete slab needs to be replaced. Crews will be using a material called FiberMat to pave the road. FiberMat is a crack preventing and sealing layer that bonds well to both concrete and asphalt. It is used with much effectiveness in the resurfacing of concrete roads.

Woodmont State Aid Paving Schedule (July 21st thru August 15th)

Schedule is dependent on weather and any unexpected construction issues.

  1. July 14( Monday) Install Construction Signs/Send Out Notices
  2. July 21 (Monday Morning) Plate Utilities/Concrete Work
  3. July 26 & 27 (Saturday and Sunday Morning) Milling Hillsboro Pike End
  4. July 28 (Monday Morning) Finish Milling (Monday Night) Start Scratch Coat
  5. July 29, 30, 31, Aug 1 (Tuesday through Friday Night) Finish Scratch Coat/Fiber-mat &Binder Layer
  6. August 4 through 8 (Mornings) Raise Utilities/Install Loops
  7. August 9 & 10(Saturday & Sunday Morning) Final Surface Layer
  8. August 11 through 15 (Nights) Final Striping

Temporary Street/Lane/Alley Closings

  • Elliott Dr - 26th St to 22nd St - Through August 1, 2014 - Sewer Installation - Detour Req’d
  • 26th St - Lakeshore to Old Hickory Blvd - Through August 1, 2014 - Sewer Installation - Detour Required
  • 19th Ave N - West end Ave to Hayes - Through July 31, 2014 - Water Line for Renasant Bank - Police On Duty
  • 5th Ave N - Union St to Arcade Alley - Through August 3, 2014 - Electric - Police On Duty
  • Burgess Ave - Oceloa Ave to White Bridge Pk - Through July 28, 2014 - Road Widening - Detour Required
  • Monroe St - 4th Ave N to 5th Ave N - Through August 16, 2014 - Utility - Police On Duty

Misc Bridge, Pavement Repairs, Sidewalks & Street Improvements

(Intermittent traffic control measures will be in place for below activities)

Street From TO Improvement Type
49th Ave N Indiana Ave Centennial Blvd Casting Adjustments
51st Ave N Centennial Blvd R/R Tracks Casting Adjustments
52nd Ave N Michigan Ave Centennial Blvd Casting Adjustments
Alamo Pl Patton Ave Westboro Dr Casting Adjustments
Atkins Dr Dawn Dr Donna Kay Dr Casting Adjustments, Milling
Brick Church Ln Knight Dr Trail Hollow Ln Construction Sign Installation
Brick Church Pk Brick Church Ln Briley Pkwy Construction Sign Installation
Brush Hill Rd Riverwood Dr Dead End Paving
Burgess Ave White Bridge Pk Bellmore Ave Casting Adjustments
Burgess Ave White Bridge Rd Oceola Ave Road Widening
Central Valley Dr Valley Grove Dr Dead End Milling
Colfax Dr Lyncrest Dr Allen Rd Milling
Deer Meadows Dr Dead End (North End) Dead End (South End) Casting Adjustments
Demoss Rd Maudina Ave Oceola Ave Casting Adjustments
Doverside Dr Moorewood Dr Eaglewood Ln Construction Sign Installation
East Meade Ave Madison Blvd Emmitt Ave Casting Adjustments, Paving
Elysian Fields Rd Sidco Dr Dead End Casting Adjustments, Paving
Elysian Fields Rd Nolensville Rd Sam Boney Dr Milling
Flint Ridge Ct Flint Ridge Dr Cul-De-Sac Casting Adjustments
Flint Ridge Dr Tisdall Dr Cul-De-Sac Casting Adjustments, Paving
Gina Brooke Ct Gina Brooke Dr Cul-De-Sac Milling
Gina Brooke Dr Brooke Valley Dr Central Valley Dr Milling
Haysboro Ave Gallatin Pk Brush Hill Rd Paving
Landers Ave Mcclain Ave Central Ave Casting Adjustments
Landers Ave Thompson Ln Mcclain Ave Casting Adjustments, Milling
Landers Ave Mcclain Ave Central Ave Milling
Litton Ave Gallatin Pk B/W Lee Davis Rd & Burns St Paving
Monaco Dr Lebanon Pk Cul-De-Sac Casting Adjustments
Old Hickory Blvd Bell Rd Burkitt Rd Base Failures
Patriot Way Elm Hill Pk Allen Rd Milling
Samoa Dr Monaco Dr Sweden Dr Casting Adjustments
Shady Side Dr Flint Ridge Dr Dead End Casting Adjustments
Shirmar Dr Sunlight Dr Paragon Mills Rd Casting Adjustments, Milling
Tisdall Dr Green Ln Dead End Casting Adjustments
Woodmont Blvd Sr 1 - Harding Pk Golf Club Ln Casting Adjustments, Milling

Infrared Repairs

  • Bonnabrook Dr @ points along the 100 block of Bonnabrook Dr
  • Bonnalynn Dr @ points along the 200 block of Bonnalynn Dr
  • Bonnavale Dr @ 393 Bonnavale Dr
  • Bonnavale Dr @ Bonnafair Dr
  • Bonnavista Dr @ 5000 Bonnavista Dr
  • Copperfield Way @Old Hickory Blvd, @ Todgers Ct, and @ Trotwood Mews


Project From To Type
46th Ave N / Murphy 45th Ave N Colorado Ave New Sidewalk
Elysian Fields Rd Nolensville Pk Coventry Ct New Sidewalk
Woodmont Blvd Sr 1 - Harding Pk Golf Club Ln Sidewalk Rpr
Gallatin Pk Harris St Hickory St Sidewalk Rpr
Gallatin Pk Cahal Ave Spain Ave Sidewalk Rpr
James Rob’tson Pkwy Charlotte Ave 5th Ave N Sidewalk Rpr
Old Hickory Blvd Gray Ave Gallatin Pk Sidewalk Rpr


Old Franklin Road @ CSX Railroad, Shaw Road over Shaw Branch

Notice: Shaw road closure for Bridge Replacement, Detours Begin Monday, March 3 for 5 Month Closure. Metro Nashville Public Works will begin the 2nd phase of construction to replace the Shaw Road Bridges on Monday, March 3rd. The project will require Shaw Road to be closed to through traffic between Lickton Pike and Brick Church Pike. Detours will be in place. Local 2-way traffic will be allowed.

Notice of Weight Limit for Foster Avenue Bridge over CSX Railroad: Beginning Thursday, October 24, Metro Public Works placed new weight limit restrictions on the foster avenue bridge. Alternate traffic routes are required for two axle vehicles with weights greater than 10 tons and for vehicles with three or more axles with weights greater than 18 tons. Maps as well as detour routes are posted at: After over 60 years of service, the Foster Ave Bridge is in the design phase for replacement. The bridge has been load posted to further extend its service life while design plans are finalized. Drivers of passenger cars and light duty pickup trucks will not be affected by the new weight limits. Construction of the bridge is anticipated to begin in fall 2014 and last 12 months.

MUSIC CITY CENTER TRAFFIC AND INFORMATION UPDATES: Please also check the MCC website at for the most up-to-date street closings and lane shifts affecting traffic.


Special Event Road Closures

  • Nashville Dancin': July 24, 2014, 1st Ave N - Broadway & Church St - Police On Duty