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Public Works

Road Closings and Detours

The Nashville and Davidson County Closures & Detours page provides you with information regarding road construction that may affect traffic. The below information does not reflect unplanned closures or restrictions due to traffic collisions or other emergencies. We hope the information contained here will meet your immediate needs. If you have any questions, please call (615) 880-2439.

Notice: Orlando Avenue Bridge Replacement Schedule

  • October 6 through October 10 – Message boards, project signs, and property owners & neighborhood notification; Orlando Avenue, Patina Circle, Burgess Avenue, and Lennox Avenue.
  • October 20 – Bridge replacement construction begins. Traffic detour begins
  • May 18 – Bridge open to traffic. Traffic detour ends
  • May 29 – Bridge replacement complete


Temporary Street/Lane/Alley Closings

  • Brick Church Pk from Brick Church Ln to Briley Pkwy, Paving, Striping
  • Connare Dr from Apple Valley Rd to Dead End, Construction Sign Installation
  • Connare Dr from One Mile Pkwy to Apple Valley Rd, Construction Sign Installation
  • Doverside Dr from Moorewood Dr to Jt 175' E Of Eaglewood Ln, Paving
  • Doverside Dr from Moorewood Dr to Jt 175' E Of Eaglewood Ln, Striping
  • E Ridge Dr from Packard Dr to Haywood Ln, Milling
  • Eastland Ave from Gallatin Ave to Dalebrook Ln, Casting Adjustments
  • Echo Hill Rd from Woodmont Blvd to Bear Rd, Milling
  • Foxhall Rd from Woodmont Blvd to Wimbledon Rd, Milling
  • Gleaves St from Rivergate Pkwy to Alta Loma Rd, Construction Sign Installation
  • Harpeth Valley Rd from Hwy 70 to Harpeth Valley Ct, Base Failure
  • Hudson Rd At 1726 Hudson Rd, Paving
  • Interstate Dr from James Robertson Pkwy to Woodland St, Casting Adjustments
  • Ivy Point Rd from Cherry Hill Rd 400' S Of Cherry Hill Rd Paving
  • Lea Ave from 8th Ave S to 9th Ave S, Storm Drain
  • Main St S 1st St End (Marathon Terminal), Concrete Pavement
  • Mcgavock Pk from W Side Of Glenmeade Dr to 200' E Of Riverside Dr, Casting Adjustments, Paving
  • Miners Cove from Volunteer Dr to Cul-De-Sac, Casting Adjustments
  • Monticello Ave from Apple Valley Rd to Dead End , Construction Sign Installation
  • Old Hickory Blvd from Bell Rd to Burkitt Rd, Casting Adjustments, Paving
  • Old Lebanon Pk from Lebanon Pk (W Intersection) to Lebanon Pk (E Intersection), Casting Adjustments
  • Plantation Dr from Old Hickory Blvd to Bonnacroft Dr, Casting Adjustments, Paving
  • Randolph Pl from Lone Oak Rd to Cul-De-Sac, Milling
  • Sentinel Dr from 37th Ave N to Dakota Ave, Paving
  • Sharondale Dr from Hillsboro Pk to Sharondale Ct, Casting Adjustments
  • Slayton Ct from N Graycroft Ave to Cul-De-Sac, Construction Sign Installation
  • Slayton Dr from N Graycroft Ave to Dead End, Construction Sign Installation
  • Summerly Dr from Hickory Valled Rd to Charlotte Pk, Paving
  • Trappers Ridge from Volunteer Dr to Cul-De-Sac, Casting Adjustments
  • Tyler Dr from Tyler Ln to Eva Dr, Curb Ramp/Traffic
  • Willard Dr from E Ridge Dr to Wallace Rd, Casting Adjustments
  • Willard Dr from E Ridge Dr to Wallace Rd, Milling
  • Wilson Blvd from West End Ave to Dead End, Paving
  • Wilson Blvd from West End Ave to Rolland Rd, Paving
  • Woodycrest Ave from Fesslers Ln to Lester Ave, Casting Adjustments

Misc Bridge, Pavement Repairs, Sidewalks & Street Improvements

(Intermittent traffic control measures will be in place for below activities)

Project From To Improvement Type
Amberton Ct Lavergne Couchville Pk Cul-De-Sac Cast Adj/Paving
Bethwood Dr Oakwood Ave Dead End Construction Sign Install
Bluefield Ave Lebanon Pk Donelson Pk Casting Adjustments
Brookmont Terr Harding Pk Hillmeade Ct Culvert Replacement
Buena Vista Pk W Trinity Ln Jt Past Rowan Dr Paving/Striping
Doverside Dr Moorewood Dr Jt 175' E Of Eaglew'd Ln Casting Adjustments
E Ridge Dr Packard Dr Haywood Ln Milling
Echo Hill Rd Woodmont Blvd Bear Rd Cast Adj/Milling
Foxhall Rd Woodmont Blvd Wimbledon Rd Milling
Main St S 1st St End (Marathon Terminal) Concrete Pavement
Mcgavock Pk W Side Of Glenmeade Dr 200' E Of Riverside Dr Cast Adj/Paving
Mt View Cir Mt View Rd Murfreesboro Pk Casting Adjustments
Northcrest Dr Whispering Hills Dr Nolensville Pk Paving
Old Hickory Blvd Bell Rd Burkitt Rd Milling\Paving
Old Lebanon Pk Lebanon Pk (W Intersection) Lebanon Pk (E Intersection) Casting Adjustments
Plantation Dr Old Hickory Blvd Bonnacroft Dr Milling
Round Rock Dr Lavergne Couchville Pk Maxwell Rd Cast Adj/Paving
Sentinel Dr 37th Ave N Dakota Ave Casting Adjustments
Summerly Dr Hickory Valled Rd Charlotte Pk Undercutting
Volunteer Dr Barclay Square Dr Terragon Trl Paving
Willard Dr E Ridge Dr Wallace Rd Milling
Wilson Blvd West End Ave Dead End Casting Adjustments
Wilson Blvd West End Ave Rolland Rd Casting Adjustments

Infrared Repairs

  • Blue Brick Drive @ points along the 2800 block of Blue Brick Drive
  • Branwood Dr @ 2808 Branwood Dr
  • Branwood Dr @ Kent Rd
  • Leatherwood Dr @ Emery Dr
  • One Mile Pkwy @ E Campbell Rd


Project From To Sidewalk Type
46th Ave N / Murphy Rd 45th Ave N Colorado Ave New Sidewalk
Elysian Fields Rd Nolensville Pk Coventry Ct New Sidewalk
12th Ave N Clinton St Herman St Sidewalk Repair
23rd Ave N Hughes St Mckinney Ave Sidewalk Repair
Athens Way Rosa L Parks Blvd Great Circle Rd Sidewalk Repair
Owen St Cass St Dead End Sidewalk Repair


Notice of Weight Limit for Foster Avenue Bridge over CSX Railroad: Beginning Thursday, October 24, Metro Public Works placed new weight limit restrictions on the foster avenue bridge. Alternate traffic routes are required for two axle vehicles with weights greater than 10 tons and for vehicles with three or more axles with weights greater than 18 tons. Maps as well as detour routes are posted at: After over 60 years of service, the Foster Ave Bridge is in the design phase for replacement. The bridge has been load posted to further extend its service life while design plans are finalized. Drivers of passenger cars and light duty pickup trucks will not be affected by the new weight limits. Construction of the bridge is anticipated to begin in fall 2015 and last 12 months.

MUSIC CITY CENTER TRAFFIC AND INFORMATION UPDATES: Please also check the MCC website at for the most up-to-date street closings and lane shifts affecting traffic.


Special Event Road Closures

  • Walk To School Day, October 03, 2014 - Wallace Rd - Between Foley Dr to Turley Dr - Police On Duty