Effective September 1, 2016, CDM inmates will only be allowed 2 visitors for scheduled visits and out of town visits.

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Criminal Justice Center - CJC

Physical Address: 448 Second Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37201Criminal Justice Center (CJC)

Mailing Address: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, PO Box 196383, Nashville, TN 37219-6383

Phone: 615-862-8123
Capacity: 788
Security Status: Medium / Maximum

The Criminal Justice Center (CJC) was constructed in 1982 and is a six-story linear design. This jail facility is located at 448 Second Avenue North, one block away from the Sheriff’s Administration Offices and the Hill Detention Center . This facility is the intake point or receiving for all arrestees in Davidson County . Offenders who remain in custody after 48 hours are classified for housing and custody levels. Offenders housed at the Criminal Justice Center are Pre-trial males with custody levels of maximum, medium and special needs (medical, mental health). Female arrestees are booked and transferred to the CDC-Female Facility. Although the Criminal Justice Center is the Maximum Security Facility it also houses juveniles that the Courts have adjudicated to stand trial as adults.

Booking at the Criminal Justice CenterAll arrestees are brought to the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) for booking. There were 50,000 arrestees booked and processed at the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) in 2012. If arrestees do not bond out and are not diverted through Pre-trial release, they are classified here and assigned a housing location at either the Criminal Justice Center or one of the other DCSO facilities. Inmates that are housed at the CJC are generally in a Pre-trial status on at least one felony charge. In addition, any male inmates who are classified as maximum security are in need of direct supervision, direct medical supervision and/or other special care, is also housed at the CJC. Medical services are provided by a contractor, Correct Care Solutions (CCS). The food service is contracted with ABL Management Inc., and the commissary services are contracted with the Tennessee Business Enterprises (TBE).

Holding Cell at the Criminal Justice Center.The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Justice Center employees are available 24 hours a day to handle requests for information about inmates housed within the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. There are 144 correctional/ security and 145 non-security employees assigned to this facility.

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