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Hill Detention Center (HDC)

Physical Address: 506 Second Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37201Hill Detention Center (HDC)

Mailing Address: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, PO Box 196383, Nashville, TN 37219-6383

Phone: 615-880-1942
Capacity: 535
Security Status: Medium

History of the Hill Detention Center

Male Pre-trial felons that are a lower security risk are housed in the Hill Detention Center (HDC) which is located adjacent to the administrative offices of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO). The Hill Detention Center (HDC) is on the corner of Second Avenue North and Jo Johnston Avenue, approximately one block from the Criminal Justice Center.

The HDC has a capacity of 535. This is broken down into two sections, HD1 and HD2. HD1 is comprised of dormitory style cells ranging from 33 to 48 man units. HD2 has two levels of 6 man rooms. A Master Control in the front of the building controls all doors into and out of the facility and monitors all movement within the facility. There are 48 security and 11 non-security employees assigned to the facility. A contractor, Correct Care Solutions (CCS), provides medical services. Food services are contracted with ABL Management Inc., and commissary services are contracted with Tennessee Business Enterprises (TBE).

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