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Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Complaints of Sexual Abuse/Harassment

DCSO personnel conduct administrative investigations into allegations of sexual abuse/harassment of inmates. Complaints of sexual abuse (inappropriate touching and penetration) are also referred to the Metro Nashville Police Department for possible criminal investigation. Decisions about potential criminal prosecution are made by the MNPD and the Office of the District Attorney.

If you wish to file a third-party complaint of sexual abuse/harassment on behalf of an inmate, you may do so via email, in person, by telephone, anonymously, or by mail. Use the Contact Us link on this website for address and other contact information. If you wish to make the complaint via telephone, please ask to be connected to the appropriate facility lieutenant for further assistance.

We will investigate all complaints to the best of our ability. Routine investigations are generally completed within 30 days, however, based on extenuating circumstances, an investigation may take longer. You will be notified of the results of the investigation.

2013 Survey on Sexual Violence

  1. IOISC - Inmate on Inmate Sexual Contact (AKA Abusive Sexual Content)
    10 Unfounded
    9 Not Sustained
    2 Sustained
    21 TOTAL
  2. IOISP Inmate on Inmate Sexual Penetration (AKA Nonconsensual Sexual Act)
    5 Unfounded
    6 Not Sustained
    0 Sustained
    11 TOTAL
  3. SOISP Staff on Inmate Sexual Penetration (AKA Staff Sexual Misconduct)
    6 Unfounded
    0 Not Sustained
    2 Sustained
    8 TOTAL
  4. SOISC Staff on Inmate Sexual Contact (AKA Staff Sexual Misconduct)
    9 Unfounded
    0 Not Sustained
    0 Sustained
    9 TOTAL
  5. SOIV Staff on Inmate Voyeurism (AKA Staff Sexual Misconduct)
    3 Unfounded
    2 Not Sustained
    0 Sustained
    5 TOTAL
  6. SOIIE Staff on Inmate Indecent Exposure (AKA Staff Sexual Misconduct)
    0 Unfounded
    0 Not Sustained
    0 Sustained
    0 TOTAL
  7. SOISH Staff on Inmate Sexual Harassment (AKA Staff Sexual Harassment)
    12 Unfounded
    1 Not Sustained
    0 Sustained
    13 TOTAL

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PREA Survey on Sexual Violence 2013