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About the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission

The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission is Metro’s planning and coordinating entity that brings advocates, nonprofit organizations, for-profit business leaders, government agencies, and the general public together to collaborate on solutions for homelessness in Nashville. Originally, the Commission was created by Ordinance BL2005-582 to implement the city's Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness.

In June of 2014, the Metro Council approved Ordinance BL2014-777, which establishes the Homelessness Commission as a permanent body of the Metropolitan government. The Homelessness Commission falls under the auspices of the Metro Social Services Board of Commissioners.

The new ordinance outlines the following duties and responsibilities for the Homelessness Commission:

  • To implement a coordinated and focused approach to ending homelessness and to develop measurable goals;
  • To assure participation of all stakeholders including homeless persons;
  • To maintain accurate, current data on homeless populations; and
  • To educate the public, service providers and other interested parties on issues related to homelessness.

Homelessness Commission leaders believe with a focused approach, Nashville will be able to end chronic homelessness within this decade. To that end, the Homelessness Commission launched a community campaign in 2013 called How's Nashville, which is a collaborative effort of community partners. The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission serves as the backbone organization of How's Nashville and provides planning and coordination services.

Meeting Notifications

Executive Committee Meeting: The executive committee meets monthly prior to the full Commission and as needed schedules a separate, stand-alone meeting. If you would like to be on a notification list for the executive committee meetings, please email

Full Commission Meeting: The full Metropolitan Homelessness Commission meets monthly in the Sonny West Conference Center, 700 Second Avenue South (Howard Office Building at the Fulton Complex). Meetings are announced five business days prior on the Homelessness Commission Web page.


The Homelessness Commission's bylaws are posted online for your review.


The Metropolitan Homelessness Commission consists of 22 commissioners, 15 voting members (four of whom are Council representatives) and 7 non-voting, ex-officio members.

Staff Directory

Besuden, Sally
outreach specialist - Nashville Outreach Team for Encampments (N.O.T.E.)
Brimsy, Sunni
Community Liaison/Office Assistant
Dowell, Abigail
assistant director
Ivey, Jessica
Coordinated Entry Manager
Jenkins, Troy
outreach specialist - Nashville Outreach Team for Encampments (N.O.T.E.)
Parker, Joseph
outreach specialist - Nashville Outreach Team for Encampments (N.O.T.E.)
Tackett, Judith
Trotter, Deon
Housing and Outreach Coordinator
Williams, Nicole
data and performance coordinator