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Community Needs Evaluations Maps

Metropolitan Social Services-Planning & Coordination provides maps to show differences in demographics across smaller geographic areas, such as Metropolitan Council Districts.

Generally data is from the U. S. Census Bureau and is subject to margins of error as indicated on the Census Bureau web site. Thanks to the Metropolitan Planning Department for Shapefiles.

Maps of Davidson County - Data from U. S. Census Bureau, 2010-2014

(Data Released December 2015)

All People in Poverty by Census Tracts

All People in Poverty by Council Districts

Poverty - Age 18 and Below

Unemployed Civilian Work Force

Percent Employed in Education, Social Assistance, Health, etc.

Percent Employed in Retail Trade

Percent Employed in Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Hospitality

SNAP/Food Stamp Recipient Households

No Health Insurance - All Civilian Noninstitutionalized

No Health Insurance - Ages 18-64

Median Age (Census Tracts)

Age Under 5 Years (Census Tracts)

Age 65 or More (Census Tracts)

Cost Burdened Renters

Cost Burdened Renters (Census Tracts)

Cost Burdened Homeowners with Mortgages

Cost Burdened Homeowners with Mortgages (Census Tracts)

Less Than High School Education  (Census Tracts)

Bachelor's Degree or More (Census Tracts)