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Conservation Education

Environmental Awareness Day

On, May 1st Old Hickory Lake Dam; May 3rd Cheatham Dam; & May 8th Percy priest. The Soil Conservation District took part in the Army Corps of Engineers' Environmental Awareness Day event. Over 400 hundred 4th grade students gathered at the lake to learn about the environment. The Soil Conservation District presented the Enviroscape Program Demonstrating pollution and erosion — and its prevention. Enviroscape makes the connection between what we do on earth and the environmental quality of the land and water. It helps children see how they can make a difference. The District’s other classes presented offered interactive educational activities to teach the students about Agriculture, Natural resources, our fresh-water streams and how to protect them.

Conservation & Agriculture Day at Local School

Conservation & Agriculture Day at Local School

The Soil Conservation District presented 4 classes to 110 students. The importance of Agriculture; the Enviroscape Program Demonstrating pollution and erosion; Rocks & Fossils; Animal Pelts & Water Aquatic Animals. The District provided interactive educational activities and booklets to each student.

for YOUTH...

Dig Deeper into the mysterious of soilEducation about the environment is a key to the survival of each person and the planet we live on. How we see and explain the use of our resources determine the future.

Youth educational publications with simple activities and worksheets are available. They help children learn and develop a sense of appreciation for the environment. Classroom instructions available upon request.

Students in a classroomWhat has a tree done for you? Trees provide erosion control; food and habitat for birds and animals; and provide wood for building material.

Tennessee Envirothon The Envirothon idea is simple -- combine the proven concepts of hands-on education with the excitement of a good competition and the fun of spending a day in the outdoors. The result is an effective educational tool which will help our state's schools to nurture environmentally aware students and meet the immediate need to teach more environmental education.

Essentially, the Envirothon is a series of hands-on contests in which teams of high school students complete to solve environmental problems. The event works much like an athletic competition, and the winners of that event get the chance to compete in the National Canon Envirothon.

The Envirothon encourages a constantly changing curriculum and helps to build strong ties between schools and the organizations that can help them teach a practical, interdisciplinary brand of environmental awareness.

By incorporating the Envirothon curriculum into classrooms, Conservation Districts across the nation are taking a notable lead in responding to the public school system's need for a strong, hands-on approach to environmental education. Partnering schools with your local Soil & Water Conservation District, and other environmentally concerned organizations, is a smart match.

2014 Results

The 2014 Regional Envirothon competition was held April 24th in Houston County. Two teams each from Montgomery Bell Academy represented Davidson County in this year's competitions. Winning first place and representing the Five Rivers RC&D Region at the state competition was Team #1 from MBA, Team # 2 from MBA place 3rd. State competition was held at the Clyde York 4-H center in Crossville, TN on May 7 & 8, 2014. The teams were tested on their skills and knowledge of our natural resources. The competition was divided into five categories: wildlife, forestry, soils, aquatics, and special category current environmental issue. This year’s issue focused on “Sustainable Local Agriculture”.

The Envirothon is designed to promote greater awareness of natural resources and environmental issues. The Envirothon is a North America (US & Canada) contest that helps to promote greater awareness of natural resources and heighten students’ understanding of the interrelationship between plants, animals, humans, and the environment we share. The 2010 MBA team won state and represented TN at the North American Envirothon Competition.

Local Conservation District partners with Army Corps of Engineers for Environmental Days

Carol Edwards, Davidson SCD, Debbie Rippy, Sumner SCD & Shantel King, NRCS brought 175 6th grade students to Old Hickory Dam & Lake to connect to the water, for Environmental Awareness Day. Using the Enviroscape to explain why pollution in our watershed affects the health of all our resources and the economy. How agencies, farmers & landowners working together can make a difference. And what happens in a watershed affects other watersheds, as they demonstrated the movement of water & Non-Point & Point-Source pollution through run-off. One side of the lake is Davidson & the other side is Sumner. The students rotated through 6 other stations: Cumberland River Compact, Army Corps of Engineers. US Fish & Wildlife, TN State Parks & US Coast Guard.

Environmental Days gathering Environmental Days demonstrations

There’s a lot more to education than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Environmental education is a topic too seldom presented to most young people today. The Davidson Co. Conservation provided Environmental Day at Hickman Elementary to 125 students. Hands on presentations to interact the students were using the EnviroScape, Aquarium with live Aquatic life, animal pelts, tracks and skulls. The Enviroscape was used to represent the Stones River watershed and the effects of the health of all our resources and economy. The pelts, tracks and skulls of animals were used to identify habits, predator/prey, ecology and food. The snake skulls and skin were used to identify the difference between poisonous and nonpoisonous and their role in the ecosystem. The students were in awe with the aquarium with live aquatic life. Great hands on learning experience to educate students about our Natural resources on a wide range of environmental topics.

for ADULTS...

Backyard Conservation BookInformation publications are to help inform the public of resource considerations and practices.

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