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Board Meetings

The Metropolitan Sports Authority meets monthly; Meetings are held at LP Field and Bridgestone Arena. Agendas are posted to the web page in advance of the meeting. Meeting minutes are posted upon board approval. For specific questions regarding meeting dates/times please contact the Sports Authority office at 615-880-1021 or

Date Agenda Minutes Video
09/17/2014 Agenda N/A
06/18/2014 Agenda N/A Video
04/17/2014 Agenda Minutes Video
03/20/2014 Agenda Minutes Video
02/20/2014 Cancellation Notice N/A N/A
01/16/2014 Agenda Minutes Video
12/11/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
11/11/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
09/19/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
08/15/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
07/18/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
07/01/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
04/25/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
04/05/2013 Agenda Minutes Video
04/4/2013 Agenda N/A N/A
03/21/2013 N/A Minutes Video
02/21/2013 N/A Minutes Video
01/24/2013 N/A Minutes Video
12/13/2012 N/A Minutes N/A
11/08/2012 N/A Minutes Video
09/21/2012 N/A Minutes Video
08/16/2012 N/A Minutes Video
06/29/2012 N/A Minutes N/A
05/24/2012 N/A Minutes Video
04/30/2012 N/A Minutes Video
03/22/2012 N/A Minutes Video
2/12/2012 N/A N/A Video
01/12/2012 N/A Minutes Video
12/06/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
11/07/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
09/15/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
07/21/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
06/13/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
05/19/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
03/17/2011 N/A Minutes N/A
01/20/2011 N/A Minutes N/A

Upcoming Meeting Information

The Metro Sports Authority Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 8:30am.  The meeting will take place at Bridgestone Arena in the conference center. For further information or special accommodations please contact the Metro Sports Authority at (615) 880-1021. Agenda

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