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Plant Rain Gardens

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Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are a natural and beautiful way to reduce and clean stormwater. They are shallow, depressed gardens designed to collect rain water and allow it time to filter into the ground. This results in cleaner water, less water entering our storm systems and more water refilling the underground water table that keeps small streams flowing during the dry summer months.  Rain Gardens are lovely, lively, colorful, low maintenance habitats for insects and animals. Their native plants provide food to song birds  and butterflies.

Rain Garden Links

Rain Garden Design Competition – First Prize $500

You are invited to participate in a design competition for a rain garden in South Inglewood Park. The competition is intended to raise awareness about stormwater in Nashville, engaging designers within the community to create a garden that can educate residents, school children and park visitors on how easy it is to have in impact right in your own yard. The winning design will be built by volunteers in April 2014 and forever serve as a green infrastructure demonstration garden for the entire city.
Visit for more detailed information.

Rain Garden Guides

Rain Gardens for Nashville - Making a Difference One Garden at a Time!

Rain Gardens for Nashville - A Resource Guide

Rain Garden Photos

Storm Water Division-NPDES Staff planting a rain garden at the County Hospital Road offices.
Michelle Barbero, Michael Hunt, Dale Binder, Phil Saad, Rebecca Dohn, Josh Hayes, Sonya Erickson, Shawn Herman, Mary Garmon
Rain Garden