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Fill and drain pools properly

Guidelines for Draining Your Pool or Spa

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Flier on Draining Your Pool or Spa

You can help keep our creeks, streams and rivers clean by properly draining your swimming pool or spa.

Whenever possible, please drain your pool, spa, filter backwash, and pool wastewater into the sanitary sewer cleanout or down a drain leading to the sanitary sewer.

If it is not possible to drain the water into the sanitary sewer, you may drain the water onto grassy areas following these guidelines:

  • De-chlorinate the water by allowing it to stand untreated for 7 to 10 days before you drain the pool/spa.
  • Drain the water directly onto the grass in your yard. Be a good neighbor – allow the water to only drain onto your property so that it does not cause erosion or flooding in your neighbor’s yard.
  • Drain the pool water slowly to allow it to be absorbed into the ground and to prevent erosion and ponding. Standing water can lead to mosquito problems in as little as 48 to 72 hours and may be a code violation.
  • Note: draining saltwater onto grass and landscape can damage plants and soil due to high salt content.

It is illegal in Davidson County to drain your filter backwash water, saltwater or chlorinated pool water, or spa directly into the stormwater drainage system or a creek.

(Metro Code §15.64.205)

Did You Know? . . .

  • High levels of chlorine in pool water can kill wildlife, fish, crayfish and other aquatic animals.
  • A saltwater swimming pool system uses pool salt to make chlorine. The chemicals and salt in saltwater pools can kill plants, wildlife, and aquatic animals such as fish and crayfish.
  • Stormwater drainage systems (catch basins in the streets, ditches, etc.) drain rain water directly to creeks and streams.


graphic: Aerial of house, trees, storm drain Text: only rain down the drainRemember...

  • Drain pools and spas into the sanitary sewer whenever possible.
  • Drain only de-chlorinated water onto grassy areas. Drain the water slowly.
  • And Never drain pool and spa water directly into street drains or drainage ditches – they lead directly to our creeks, streams and rivers.

Questions concerning pool guidelines and saltwater pools should be directed to: Metro Water Services