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Stencil storm drains

What is storm drain stenciling?

Marking a message next to a storm drain educating the community about stormwater pollution.picture: Storm Drain Stencil, text: no dumping, drains directly to browns creek watershed

Why should people be concerned about what enters a storm drain?

Because anything that is flushed down a storm drain is not “treated” before it reaches a stream or river. This means that oil, antifreeze, paint, grass clippings, household waste, pet wastes, or any other waste on streets and sidewalks goes directly into a nearby stream, river, or lake. The next time you wash your car on your driveway, consider where the water goes.

Who can do it?

Anyone! All supplies and instructions are provided by Metro water Services. You choose the area and amount of time you spend!!

Simply fill out a storm drain kit request form and send it to:

Sonia Allman
Metro Water Services
1600 2nd Ave. N
Nashville, TN 37208

Adopt a stream

Adopt a stream in your neighborhood and make a difference in your community. Adoptions are for a period of 2 years and require at least one stream clean up per year. A sign acknowledging the adopting group and stream as well as supplies and trash removal are provided by Metro.

Contact : for more information or to adopt!

Latest Clean up Photos

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Lose Harpeth 10-13
Lose & Associates clean-up of Harpeth River 10/19/13