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Single Family Plans Review

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Certain types of single lot residential developments often do not require a grading permit.  However, significant stormwater-related issues can be created by these projects when adjacent parcels are already developed, and earth is being disturbed. Metro’s goal is to review the proposed parcel for development to ensure:

  1. grading permit exemption is being met based on land clearing, grading, excavating, filling, and/or demolition activities.
  2. No buffer disturbance, full compliance of flood plain and floodway requirements, and no encroachment of easements (except instances where authorized)
  3. no drainage concerns during development or post construction.

Water quality and detention are not required for most single family lots, however,Metro encourages the builder/developer to pre-determine potential impacts to adjacent properties and propose measures to offset runoff. Construction site maintenance is also essential to prevent site sediment, trash, and debris from reaching the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and to help protect the water quality of Davidson County’s streams. A Stormwater Checklist and adequate site plan are required submittals for review.

Single Family review is provided by the Metro Stormwater Office


Metro Office Building, 1stFloor

800 2nd Avenue South

Nashville, Tennessee 37210


Single Family Plans Reviewer

Kimberly Hayes

Phone: (615) 862 - 4276