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Stormwater Maintenance

Stormwater's Routine Maintenance Section restores current function of the drainage system through cleaning and stabilizing without reconstruction. This includes ditch maintenance, masonry work, and inlet cleaning and vacuuming of stormwater structures.

Services We Manage

stormwater maintenance crew installing a cement box culvert

  • Blocked culverts and ditches
  • Flooding streets, yards, and homes
  • Installing and repairing storm sewer systems
  • Filled-in ditches that need to be redefined
  • Severe erosion threatening utilities, roadways, etc.
  • Collapsed culverts
  • Ditches and culverts too small for regular rain events
  • Fallen trees blocking ditches and culverts

Services We Don't Manage

  • Removing vegetation along streams
  • Mowing grass along ditches
  • Fallen trees not impacting the flow of water
  • Mosquitoes
  • Runoff from one private property to another private property
  • Home flooding due to underground springs or ground water
  • Flooding caused by proximity to a floodplain
  • Sinkholes on private Property
  • Underground springs coming up in yard

a flooded driveway and flooding of a spring

Routine Maintenance (RoM) Operating Policies