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two women walking and smilingMany Nashville landlords are discovering the benefits of adopting a smoke-free policy. These policies attract residents, reduce maintenance costs and the risk of fire, all while contributing to a healthy community. And, it's legal. Under the law, smokers are not a protected class. There is no right to smoke, and property managers may place restrictions on smoking just as many communities have rules for pets and noise ordinances.

Most importantly, a smoke-free policy allows your residents to breathe clean air, and it affords you the opportunity to provide a safe home residents can share with friends, family and pets and feel proud.

If you are interested in adopting a smoke-free policy, let us help. On this site will you find resources in helping you to do so, and feel free to contact us with questions.

Property Manager/Owner Toolkit


Ready to Quit Smoking?

Call the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline and receive a FREE tobacco quit kit, work with a FREE quit coach, and learn to deal with your cravings and challenges.


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