Budget Ordinance 1998-99

Amendment No. 1 (Garrett)

Eliminating 12 cent tax increase for schools

Motion to table (Beehan) Adopted

"Ayes" Varallo, Armistead, Steine, Ferrell, Black, Majors, Beehan, Wooden, Ponder, French, Douglas, Clifton, Sloss, McCallister, Johns, Kleinfelter, Holloway, Jenkins, Turner, Fentress and President West (21); "Noes" Waters, Patton, Nollner, Harrison, Campbell, Hart, Dillard, Garrett, Stanley, Dale, Graves, Haddox, Holt, Crafton, Arriola, Sontany, Hall, Hollis, Alexander, Lineweaver (20).

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1998, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County