Budget Ordinance 1998-99

Amendment No. 2 (Holt)

Reducing WPLN funds & transferring to courts

Motion to table (Beehan) Failed

"Ayes" Varallo, Armistead, Steine, Ferrell, Black, Beehan, Ponder, Clifton, Sloss, McCallister, Johns, Kleinfelter, Jenkins, Turner, Fentress (15); "Noes" Waters, Patton, Nollner, Harrison, Campbell, Hart, Dillard, Garrett, Wooden, French, Stanley, Dale, Graves, Haddox, Holt, Crafton, Arriola, Sontany, Hall, Holloway, Hollis, Alexander, Lineweaver (23); "Abstains" Majors, Douglas (2).

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1998, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County