Section 3.01 of Article 3 of the Charter of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County shall be amended by deleting such section in its entirety and substituting in lieu thereof the following new Section 3.01:

“Section 3.01. Metropolitan county council created; councilmen-at-large and district councilmen.

The legislative authority of the metropolitan government of Nashville and Davidson County, except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter, shall be vested in the Metropolitan county council, sometimes hereinafter called “Council,” which shall have a total membership of fourteen (14), including five (5) councilmembers-at-large, and nine (9) district councilmembers. The entire electorate of the metropolitan government shall elect the five (5) councilmembers-at-large and each of the nine (9) councilmanic districts shall elect one (1) district councilmember. There shall be nine (9) council districts in the metropolitan government, which are hereby created and established in accordance with detailed description to be accomplished as provided in Section 18.06 of this Charter, and which shall be identical to the nine (9) school districts as provided in Section 9.02 of this Charter.

The provisions of this amendment shall become effective beginning with the metropolitan government elections to be held in August of 2007.”


Amendment No. _________

This amendment would reduce the size of the Metropolitan Council from forty (40) to fourteen (14) members effective as of the council term beginning in September of 2007, with five (5) councilmembers-at-large and nine (9) district councilmembers, and would provide that the nine (9) council districts be identical to the nine (9) school districts.

Sponsored by: Leo Waters

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