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Theory of Change

Metro Arts was founded to provide leadership around arts & culture in Nashville. This is a broad mission with many interpretations. In 2010, Metro Arts adopted a way to articulate and measure success through a Theory of Change. Simply, Metro Arts believes that every citizen should have the ability to experience and participate in a creative life.  If we achieve this, then we fulfill our mission. To get there, we have adopted key outcomes we believe will change the creative vibrancy of our city:  Improving the Creative Workforce, Increasing Participation in Creative Activities and Enhancing Creative Innovation. We are measuring change in these areas through grants, public art, gallery participation and every other project or program we undertake. Our dream is pretty simple-- that a senior citizen in Bordeaux or Antioch can take a dance class, see a play or shop in neighborhood gallery close to their home. Or maybe a glass artist, or a dancer, or a film-maker has access to professional development, start-up capital and opportunities to launch a gallery or small business in their neighborhood. Or maybe, just maybe, that every five year old in our city and every teacher who teaches them has access to art and teaching artists in the classroom. We believe if we can fundamentally change these core conditions over time that everyone will embrace creative practice in this city that we all love. Imagine the possibilities. 

Theory of Change Model and Strategic Plan

Theory of Change: Strategic Plan