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Metro Public Art Collection: Intersection Rails

Artist: Robert Hendrick
Location: North Branch Library, 1001 Monroe St, Nashville, TN 37208

Intersection Rails bike rack

Intersection Rails is located at the North Branch Library, one of two remaining Carnegie Libraries in Nashville. The library is named after Andrew Carnegie, the successful industrialist who was responsible for the great expansion of the American steel industry. Robert Hendrick’s work was fabricated using reclaimed steel railroad tracks that were a product of Carnegie’s foundries

About Robert Hendrick

Robert Hendrick is an artisan craftsman who specializes in using reclaimed railroad steel and wood to design and create architectural elements. With a BA in Industrial Design from Auburn University and a MFA in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University, Hendrick has found great success as an entrepreneur. One of his latest successes is Rail Yard Studios, where he leads a team of founders, designers and craftsmen in creating custom furniture in Nashville, TN.