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Metro Public Art Collection: Lotus

Artist: Michael Allison
Location: Fannie Mae Dees Park, 2400 Blakemore Ave., 37212

Lotus bike rack

This bike rack utilizes recycled bike frames to compose the colorful organic design.

Artist Statement

“My goal in designing this rack was to make a visually and artistically interesting piece of art, while also keeping the design practical and useful. I want the rack to clearly communicate it is available to the public for the purpose of locking bicycles. I also wanted to create something that reminds the public that biking is a great healthy, environmentally-friendly way to commute and explore our city.

In addition, I like the idea that the materials for this rack are sourced locally. Tied into this idea of using local materials is the concept of sustainability, which is always an undercurrent in my work. I mainly work with recycled metal and glass.  Most of the art I create is functional and many of my large metal and glass pieces serve as light fixtures.”

I am passionate about public art because they allow art to reach more people than just those who can afford to purchase professional art. Public art allows people to interact with art on a daily basis instead of just in museums.

Artist Biography

Michael Allison lives and works out of his studio in Joelton, TN. His work, Liquid 615, can also be found at the Antioch Community Center as part of the public art Watermarks series.