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Metro Public Art Collection: Circulate

Artist: Erik Carlson,
Location: 2500 Charlotte Avenue

Circulate by Artist Erik Carlson

Installed in July of 2014, Circulate is located inside the new Lentz Public Health Center. It is modeled on the concept of small-world networks and the body's circulation system. The artwork incorporates LCD Smart glass "pixels," parabolic mirrors, and custom software to dramatically animate the ideas of flow and connection. Utilizing motion-capturing technology, Circulate translates real-time images of the movement on the stairs into dynamic and ever-changing animations. Movement on the stairs activates the 124 LCD glass disks to fade between opaque and clear. Like the building itself, the public art at Lentz encourages health and fitness by rewarding those who take the stairs.

For more information on Circulate and Are We There Yet? and how public art can encourage healthy living, check out the the Lentz Public Art Flyer.

Below is an Interview with artist Erik Carlson on July 30, 2014 at Lentz Public Health Center. Carlson explains how he approached his design for Circulate and how he hopes people will experience it.