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Metro Public Art Collection: Thread and Needle

Artist: David Dahlquist
Location: 28th Avenue and Park Plaza

Thread and Needle (public art)Needle Transit Shelters

Installed fall of 2012, Thread, the 28th Avenue Connector Bridge Enhancement and Needle Transit Shelters are located at Park Plaza and the 28th-31st Avenue Bridge, now known as the Francis S. Guess Connector. Using sewing, threads and knot tying as a metaphor, Thread and Needle speaks to the underlying purpose of the bridge and the project as a whole. Intended to connect two formerly separated neighborhoods and cultural areas, the bridge and artwork bring the community together in a myriad of ways. Thread (bridge) is composed of 150 steel panels featuring different sewing motifs, making a quilt-like pattern across the bridge. The steel plate quilt patterns were inspired by and developed through a series of community workshops held in 2011. Needle (transit shelter) features a large scale sewing needle and images of knots and threads echoing the themes and symbols depicted in the bridge artwork.