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Metro Public Art Collection: Anchor in the Storm

Artists: Betty and Lee Benson
Location: West Park

Anchor in the Storm (public art)

This piece is conceived on the ties between the West Park neighborhood and the Rogers Group Limestone Quarry that is nearby. During the flood, a massive crevasse in a 500 foot limestone wall rechanneled 700 billion gallons of flood waters from the community’s homes and into the quarry.

The artists say, “Our work seeks to draw attention to the relationship between the West Park community and the quarry that are now inextricably linked to one another. The quarry played a lifesaving role in the event. We see the raft as a place where people can gather, sit and build community.”

Artwork: kiln dried wood, limestone boulder (quarried from Rogers Group, Inc. REO Stone Limestone Quarry) and anchor chain; 4’ h x 7’ w