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Metro Public Art Collection: Liquid 615

Artist: Michael Allison
Location: Antioch Community Center
Liquid 615 (public art)

Liquid 615 is made up of 240 hand-blown glass drops hanging in two rows from galvanized silver pipes attached to the community center building. They are illuminated at night from within the pipe with LED lighting so that each glass drop is lit.

Artist Michael Allison says, “The drops obviously represent the flood waters, but also the tears of the individuals in the Antioch community. The drops, especially when lit, look beautiful and encourage the community to find beauty again in this essential life giving force. When I was in the community gathering meeting, I was so struck by the relief coordinator’s stories of the community’s strength and perseverance after the flood in Antioch. These individual drops are all held together by galvanized, strong metal to represent this bond that held the community together in the aftermath of such tragedy.”

Artwork: 50’ w, 1’ d; glass, galvanized pipe and LED lighting