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Metro Public Art Collection: Pier

Artist: Derek Coté
Location: Two Rivers Park
Pier (public art)

Derek Coté’s “piers” serve as benches and are intended to provide a place for visitors to stop and reflect on the beauty and physical presence of the Cumberland River. The benches are situated on a slope above the river, raising visitors above the elevation of the path and provide a less obstructed view of the river and the surrounding area.

The artwork’s most prominent feature is a series of four, fifteen foot windsocks each custom printed with adjectives that describe both the river and the residents of Donelson: Respect, Strength, Spirit, Depth. These adjectives universally illustrate the river and the people of this neighborhood.

Coté says, “The aim of this artwork is to celebrate the inherent power and peacefulness of the Cumberland River and the people of Donelson who live with the Cumberland River on a daily basis.”

Artwork: 4 - 15’ h windsocks on wood benches