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Metro Public Art

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The Public Art Collection

The Public Art Collection is made up of 113 permanent public artworks found throughout Nashville/Davidson County. It includes artworks found in the courthouse, libraries, community centers, parks and within the transportation infrastructure.

Metro Arts maintains the public art collection through an ongoing schedule of routine maintenance as well as repair and restoration work. Please let us know if you see an artwork that needs maintenance or repair.

Vision and Values

Metro Public Art positions public art as a community investment tool for neighborhood transformation, creative workforce development and equitable practices throughout the city. In 2017, the Public Art Committee and Arts Commission adopted the Public Art Community Investment Plan, which signals an important new direction for public art in Nashville, advancing the vision that every Nashvillian experiences a creative city.

Metro Public Art is driven by three core values: Equity, Artists and the Public Realm. Metro Public Art believes that four goals will help achieve our vision: Strengthen the Public Art Ecosystem; Deeper Civic and Cultural Participation; Vibrant Creative Neighborhoods and a Vital Public Realm.

Percent for Art Funding

Metro Public Art is primarily funded through a public art ordinance adopted in 2000 and managed with public art guidelines. The ordinance sets aside 1% of certain capital improvement project funds for the commissioning and purchase of art. Since Nashville’s public art program began, over one hundred permanent works of art have been added to the public art collection. Additional works of art are in varying stages of being commissioned, fabricated and installed.

Get Involved

If you would like to participate in the Public Art process, please sign up to receive our email newsletters for artist opportunities and community meeting updates, or nominate yourself to participate on a citizen selection panel.

Public Art Committee

Metro Public Art is governed by a Public Art Committee made up of community members, artists, as well as arts and design professionals. The PAC includes two Metro Arts Commissioners one of whom is appointed to serve as Chair. Members of the PAC serve three year terms.

Public Art Committee Members

  • Niki Coffman, Chair
  • Omari Booker
  • Sheila Dial-Barton
  • Katie Delmez
  • Jana Harper
  • Clay Haynes
  • David Jon Walker


Community Investment Plan

public art grid photo

Metro Arts Public Art Plan goes live! Read the Community Investment Plan.

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