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ArtPop Street Gallery

ArtPop Street Gallery Nashville

The ArtPop Street Gallery competition has arrived in Nashville to shine the spotlight on our city’s talented artists by placing their work on available billboards throughout the Middle Tennessee region. Local artists working in all media were invited to submit up to two artworks for consideration and possible display on 1 of 5 available billboards circulating the region in 2017 and 2018. After over 100 artwork submissions, a selection panel chose 5 artworks to display on OUTFRONT Media billboards through spring 2018.

ArtPop is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with local arts councils and media companies to promote artists, give them a voice, create public street galleries and energize residents’ commutes. Currently, ArtPop is on the streets of eleven cities nationwide and growing quickly! Art + Public Outdoor Project = ArtPop. For more information, visit

2017 ArtPop Street Gallery Nashville Winners

Alic Daniel

Color blocks of red, green, blue, black, pink, and yellow, with some lines that look like grafitti

David Morel

A line of six trees in the distance with verdant green grass in front of them

Jairo Prado

Mosaic of tiny pieces that look like stained glass using curves of color including blue, red, yellow, and brown

Katherine Wagner

Rumpled stripes in varying sizes of hot pink, light purple, orange-yellow, and dark gray

Brian Wooden

Male torso in light purple that has been made to look like wood pieces, bisected at biceps and wrists

ArtPop Nashville is presented in partnership with OUTFRONT Media and ArtPop Street Gallery.