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Poetry in Motion®

Nashville has been a proud participant in the national Poetry in Motion® program since 2012.

Created in 1992 by the Poetry Society of America, Poetry in Motion® was designed to showcase classic and contemporary poetry in public transit vehicles. The program has appeared in more than 30 cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., and made its debut on Nashville MTA vehicles in 2012.

Metro Arts collaborates with the Nashville Metro Transit Authority (MTA) each year to bring poems to the public via city buses during National Poetry Month (April). Selected poems showcase the work of youth and adult poets and graphic designers and have included partnerships with NCAA Women's Final Four, Nashville Scene, Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, No Starving Artist, Southern Word, and Nossi College of Art.

Metro Arts Is A Featured Sponsor of Nashville's Poetry In Motion. MTA Poetry Society

2017 Selected Poems

Southern Word, Inc. collaborated with Metro Arts on a contest for youth poets, ages 13 to 17, to submit entries focusing on the theme “Poetry in Motion to Act, Resist, and Change for Harmony (MARCH)”. This theme was influenced by the Nashville Reads Book March Book One, a graphic novel by Civil Rights Veteran, Senator John Lewis and featured book in the annual Citywide Read.

The eight winners whose works were displayed on MTA buses are:

  • Nori Fuller, Meigs Academic Magnet Middle School
  • Noa Thompson, Meigs Academic Magnet Middle School
  • Ephie Hauck, W. H. Oliver Middle Prep
  • Yug Patel, Head Middle Magnet Prep
  • Sanaan Sutton, Head Middle Magnet Prep
  • Iman Omer, Head Middle Magnet Prep
  • Philip Seagraves, Valor Collegiate
  • Crisman Arnold, Valor Collegiate

2017 Selected Poems

Previous Submissions

Read the historical collection of Nashville Poetry in Motion® poems and designs by year.