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10th Annual Bluegrass Festival

District 9, Madison and Old Hickory

Rita Schaefer was awarded $1,400 to support the 10th Annual Bluegrass Festival in the Madison and Old Hickory neighborhoods. The festival was a one-day neighborhood music festival that took place on June 6, 2015, providing attendees the opportunity for participants of all ages and skill levels to participate in a jam session as well as live performances from bluegrass groups. THRIVE funds supported musician fees for the structured jam session; artists include Alice Faye Hunt, Thompson Station Bluegrass Band, Danny Young, Fade2Blue, and Lonnie Jones & Hard Drive. Musicians demonstrated to young people that they can learn to play guitars, mandolins, fiddles, bass and they can sing. Extra musical instruments were provided so people could play along, learn how to chord a guitar or strum a mandolin. Children under 15 were admitted free.

Young girl plays banjo with a seated man at the 10th Annual Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass pickers play in Jam Session at 10th Annual Bluegrass Festival.