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BELL Garden Mural Project

District 22, Bellevue

Bellevue Edible Learning Lab, Inc. was awarded $3,745 to employ local mural artist and teacher, Michael Cooper, to work with Bellevue Middle School art students, faculty, and several community members to create an outdoor mural. The art teachers and students played a major role in determining the design, theme, painting, and installation of the mural. The mural was installed on Metro school property in a space that is occupied by the BELL Garden, affixed to the exterior wall of the portable classroom so that it is conspicuously visible from the main neighborhood thoroughfare, Colice Jeanne Rd. The community involved in the project includes families and students of Bellevue Middle Prep, and residents of the Bellevue and Westmeade neighborhoods from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The community affected included groups of regular volunteers, from numerous ethnic backgrounds, that come to work every week in the BELL Garden.

THRIVE artist works with Bellevue Middle Students putting the finishing touches on the mural before installation. Bellevue community members help install mural on the BELL Garden wall.