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Beautiful Brown Faces (The Power of Poetry Our Voice Matters

Cheatham Homes in District 21

The poet Lydia Cook was awarded $4000 to implement the Beautiful Brown Faces (The Power of Poetry) “Our Voice Matters” project. This project is a poetic, written, spoken word, and visual art workshop series that will elevate the soul and the mind of our youth. This project will educate, inspire, and encourage them to create their own poetry and write their personal stories through activities, games, and exercises. The youth will be taught about national and international authors, playwrights, and poets. They will also learn the art of public speaking and positive empowering communication. This project will be documented on video. The young people from the Germantown community, Salvation Army Women’s Shelter, and Cheatham Place MDHA homes will be encouraged to participate. This project will take place at the Nashville Peacemakers studio in walking distance to the youth’s homes.