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Cleveland Park Neighborhood Story Project

Amie Thurmer - lead artist

District 5, Cleveland Park

Artist and storyteller Amie Thurmer was awarded $4,000 for “Cleveland Park Neighborhood Story Project.” The Cleveland Park Story Project is a facilitated 3-month community project to celebrate and/or commemorate significant people, places, and moments in the neighborhood’s past and present. The Story Project has two components: the formation of a Neighborhood Story Team, and a culminating public event. First, a group of 8-12 residents will form a Neighborhood Story Team, which will be an ad-hoc committee of the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Association Inc. (CPNA Inc.). Through weekly facilitated sessions between February 1 and April 30, this group will identify, research, and document sites of significance within their community. This project concluded with a public presentation/exhibition of Cleveland Park stories and images.