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The Cumberland Garden Community Mural

Sterling Goller-Brown, Ian Lawrence and Brandon Donahue - lead artists

District 21, Cumberland Gardens

$4,000 was awarded to The Cumberland Garden Community Mural project, a 200’ long by 5’ high community mural along Clarksville Highway in the North Nashville neighborhood of Cumberland Garden. The artwork concept “Poems to the City” is based upon the belief that by creating art with others, we can transform places, individuals, communities, and institutions. The mural will contain both permanent and temporary components and will feature the poetry of students from three local area schools. The students will select the poem from within their groups, brainstorm ideas for the mural’s execution with the artist, and assist in the project’s installation. The property the mural fronts, once housed a deteriorated apartment complex that was an eyesore to the community and is now apart of a revitalization effort in the area and one of the first recipients of the Bill Barnes Affordable Housing Fund. It is envisioned that the mural becomes a multi-discipline and multi-form artwork expressive of the varying skills within the Cumberland Garden community and beyond.

Cumberland Garden Community Mural 1 Cumberland Garden Community Mural 2