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“Displacement Blues” Neighborhood Revitalization Music/Video Project

Districts 5 & 6, Shelby Bottoms, Lockeland Springs, Cleveland Park and McFerrin Park

$3,050 was awarded to Shelby Bottom String Band (SBSB) to produce “Displacement Blues” an original song and video about the issues of gentrification and affordable housing in Nashville. Residents of Districts 5 & 6 in the neighborhoods of Lockeland Springs, Cleveland Park, and McFerrin Park appeared the video, that was posted on Facebook, YouTube and other social media, and widely shown at meetings in East Nashville and other parts of the city. The band partnered with two non-profit organizations working on affordable housing and gentrification issues. Members of SBSB and both organizations are rooted in the neighborhood and collaborated to produce the video and promote it online, via social media, and through live performances and video screenings at neighborhood and citywide events.